Francom HR can assist in investigations into complaints about inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. Unfortunately, employee disputes and misconduct can arise in the workplace. Dealing with bullying, harassment, discrimination or other wrongdoing can be very challenging to resolve internally. Francom HR assists with these matters every day to diminish the pressure that these matters may cause.

We offer a range of investigative services, from dealing with informal complaints to substantial formal investigations. Our experienced team have dealt with an array of workplace investigations across a variety of industries and businesses.

We work with all levels of an organisation from entry-level employees to senior executives, including collaborations between unions involved. The investigations we manage are not restricted to dealing with matters of evidence but can also provide consultation on matters such as:

  • Cultural issues
  • High-risk management
  • Failures in procedures
  • Lack of capability

We conduct an assessment to uncover unspoken tensions within a workplace, working to understanding the dynamics of the team. These assessments have proven effective in improving workplace relationships and avoiding formal complaints. Francom HR’s approach into inquiries and investigations are very thorough.

Examining not only specific claims but contributing factors as well, such as workplace culture, operational issues, leadership style and organisational skills. If a problem arises in the workplace, Francom HR also offers mediation services to work towards informally resolving tensions.

Our mediation processes are strictly confidential and are used to help resolve the matter along with any underlying issues to achieve positive workplace morale.