Francom HR understands that managing Work, Health and Safety (WHS) is a sizeable portion of an employer’s responsibilities. Maintaining WHS standards and a safe working environment for any industry is essential.


Francom HR makes sure employers have the correct information and knowledge of WHS regulations and laws to ensure businesses are fulfilling their requirements. Understanding who owns a duty, what a duty involves, and how to reduce WHS risks is fundamental to a smooth business operation.


Francom HR helps an organisation determine what is reasonable by taking the following into account:

1.    The probability of hazards.

2.    The amount of harm a hazard could cause.

3.    How much the person in potential harm is aware of or should be aware of about the hazard.

4.    Accessibility and sustainability of ways to eliminate the risk.

5.    The cost of the solution and whether it is inconsistent with the danger.