Our specialised consultants provide up to date advice in line with legislation, reducing risk and saving your organisation the cost of recruiting and employing a dedicated HR Manager. We provide practical advice at the time it is needed on human resource issues, from everyday performance management matters to individual human resource cases.


We aim to help you succeed in the ever-evolving business world. We understand the human resource function is the major driver of organisational performance; as a consequence, HR training is essential for today’s businesses and can help organisations build a stronger culture while easing the risk.


Francom HR strives to provide human resource training customised to suit your specific business needs and culture.


At Francom HR, we implement a wide range of results-based training strategies that encourages participants to

  • Understand contemporary HR practices
  • Set up and manage HR systems
  • Manage HR tasks with confidence
  • Access HR advice when you need it
  • Manage HR tools and their application
  • Become more responsive to an organisations strategy.


The HR training seeks to help participants translate acquired skills and knowledge into responsive HR management actions.