We run an audit throughout your company to ensure your organisation's Human Resource procedures complying with all legislation. We overlook the following:

    • Employee Engagement
    • Performance ManagementLegislative Compliance (Industrial Relations, EEO)
    • Strategy
    • Benefits and Compensation
    • Training and Staff Development
    • Recruitment

Minimise risk through Francom HR

Given the complexities of employment legislation coupled with the constant changes required by the government, it is necessary that you protect your business at all times by ensuring that your HR policies and procedures are up to date and compliant with relevant laws.

At Francom Human Resources, we understand the stress involved in managing employees and how difficult it is to implement change on the part of the employer, whilst coping with existing workload, hence, giving little or no time to spend on human resources. For this reason, we provide HR health checks aimed at examining your existing HR practices to identify areas of best practice and areas of risk..

Our HR health check is a process that will give a good overview of your current business situation and whether any further steps need to be taken to improve and protect your business. Our HR health check will strive to ensure the correct policies and procedure are in place in areas including: employee database and payroll management, job descriptions for all roles, legally compliant policies and procedures, contracts for employees and more.