What Is A HR Audit?

A Human Resources audit is a systematic review of an organisation's Human Resources Operations.

It is a comprehensive method to assess policies, systems, procedures and documentation.

hr audit

What Is Included?

  • Legislative Compliance (Industrial Relations, EEO equal opportunities employment)

  • HR Strategy

  • Benefits and Compensation

  • Training and Staff Development

  • Recruitment

  • Employee Engagement

  • Performance Management

What Is The Purpose Of A HR Audit?

The purpose of a HR Audit is to identify and solidify company HR strengths and eliminate the problems that leave you open to risk. A properly executed Audit will reveal all internal issues that can progress to financial liabilities. We will provide recommendations and the remedy for these problems.

The Benefits

Protect Your Financial Assets From Unexpected Costs

Identify Procedural Or Compliance Issues

Control Risks Within The Workplace

Reduce Human Resource Costs

Improve Performance Of All Employees

Why Choose Us?

Experienced HR Experts

With over 15 Years of Human Resource experience, consulting for leading franchise companies on Human Resources and Employment Law related matters. We know how to ensure your position is safe and productive.

In-house Legal Team 

An experienced commercial legal team available to tackle disputes and ongoing HR discrepancies.

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